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In the realm of bag making, the selection of hardware plays a pivotal role in both functionality and aesthetics. Rivets, grommets, Chicago screws, and purse feet are essential components that contribute to the durability and style of crafted bags. Rivets are small metal fasteners used to secure multiple layers of fabric, reinforcing stress points and adding a professional finish. Grommets, on the other hand, serve as reinforced openings for drawstrings or straps, enhancing the bag's structural integrity. Chicago screws, with their convenient and removable nature, offer a versatile alternative for connecting leather pieces without permanent binding. These screws are particularly popular in leatherworking, enabling easy disassembly and modification. Lastly, purse feet provide a practical solution by protecting the bottom of a bag from wear and tear, while also adding a decorative touch. The combination of these hardware elements not only ensures the longevity of a handcrafted bag but also allows artisans to express their creativity through functional and aesthetically pleasing design choices.


Double Capped Solid Brass Rivets

18 reviews
$600 USD
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Purse Feet

2 reviews
$1000 USD
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Chicago Screws 10mm - Large

1 review
$800 USD
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Mouse Head Screws

1 review
$1000 USD
Save $150 USD
Jack Screws
$1100 USD $1250 USD
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